New project – Blankies!

To be more precise, crocheted blankets that I’m making for my cousin and his wife. I’m very pleased for them; they’re having twins in another three months or so. I’m not the only one in the family making stuff for them but I’ve gone for blankets.

I don’t do pink for girls, blue for boys; it’s a ridiculous social construct that makes no sense and is designed to make money for toy and clothes manufacturers. So my blankets will be a variety of colours.Blankets are very practical things, apart from anything else they keep you warm and babies need as many of everything as they can get, especially multiple births (I remember this from when my cousins – triplets – were born), because they get through so much and everything has to be washed so often.

So, my project for the next few months is to make blankets. I’ve also got a cross-stitch to finish but that’s for my bedroom wall.


My Fabric House Subscription Boxes: A Giveaway!

A chance to win a fabric subscription from My Fabric House.

Very Berry Handmade

My Fabric House giveaway header

I’m such a big fan of My Fabric House for fun, sweet fabrics that you don’t find elsewhere in UK shops – just go and take a look!  Here are just some of my favourites from a very brief browse…. there are so many more to choose from – I challenge you to resist…

Beautiful My Fabric House pics

So I was really delighted to be approached by Luella, the lovely managing director of My Fabric House, to review one of their Subscription Boxes – I am always honest about the things I am asked to review, which can be tricky sometimes, but I just knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by anything from MFH.

Here’s my first glimpse of the goodies in the £30 Bliss Box which I received. There couldn’t be a better selection of fabrics for me – I love the grey, red and white combination, and I really like the way…

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Why ‘Wonky’?

Quick story.

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that if I gave her something hand made and it wasn’t slightly wonky she’d know I hadn’t made it myself.

I joked that I should start a business called ‘Rosie’s Wonky Creations’. That was five years ago. Yesterday I made my first sale.

Elephant keyring, made this morning.