Project Pompom Rug

I’m taking a break from my current sewing project, a hexy patchwork quilt, and my MA Creative Writing dissertation to work on a pompom rug. You’ve probably seen the video doing the rounds of social media, these rugs are fairly easy to make.

I’m using a bit of tapestry canves from a roll I was given some years ago, and bits of yarn left over from crochet and loom knitting projects.

The tablet makes an unusually good pompom maker. The next colour I’m going to add is a taupe-brown.

I’ve got some white and purple/pink yarn that I’m going to use in another crochet project but any leftovers will be added to the rug. I think I’ll put it in my bedroom, by my bed.


Simple tree decorations

And by “simple” I mean really simple.

You need Christmas fabric and matching felt, embroidery thread or ribbon, and sewing cotton. A sewing machine makes the job easier.

And a cup.

  • Using the cup, draw a circle, two of the fabric, and two of the felt. Cut out;
  • Using the matching embroidery thread (all six strands) or ribbon, cut an appropriate length for a hanging;
  • Sandwich the thread/ribbon between the two felt pieces, then layer the material on either side, right-sides out;
  • Using a zig-zag stitch, sew round the edge of the circle. If you haven’t got a machine, blanket stitch around the edge.

Poppies and reindeer

It’s that time of year again when minds turn to Remembrance Day and Christmas, once we’ve survived Hallwawaoween and Bonfire Night. I’ve got one barky little bitch who doesn’t like fireworks and a drooly girl who is very upset by them too, so to distract us I’ve got a true crime podcast on. After tea I’ll be working on a blanket, if I can persuade Ezzie off my knee.

I’ve been crafting. For those who don’t like to wear the red poppy there is the white poppy of peace.

IMG-20171103-WA0001First the petals, crocheted according to a pattern an acquaintance gave me. This pattern came from a magazine, but they can be found online on Pinterest apparently.










Then sew the petals together.IMG-20171103-WA0003












And then finally sew on a big black button and a safety pin


It’s not difficult, except I kept forgetting the different crochet stitches.

For December, I’ve started a little project – a herd of reindeer.

Image may contain: indoor

This is the first one. For a while I referred to it as the duck-reindeer because the body looked like a bath ducky. I’ve used little gold bells for the eyes and tried to shape the ears.










In progress:

Image may contain: indoor

Second Craft Fair: It was a dud

Morning all,

I went to another craft fair yesterday, this time in Cleethorpes. It was held at a dance studio on Grant Street and it was a waste of time. So few people turned up, either to sell or buy that the only person making money was the lady selling cupcakes. It was freezing cold, the radiators barely took the edge off and every time someone opened a door the temperature dropped a few degrees. I was using my coat as a blanket. I did manage to get some sewing done though, I’m working on another couple of Christmas banners, which I’ll add to the Listings page as soon as I’ve finished sewing the bias binding. It takes a while when you have to sew the dangling parts on to a meter of bias binding by hand. It’s fiddly. I have a new tree decoration to add to the listings page too.

I sold nothing, which disappointed me, since I was really organised this time. I learnt at my first craft fair that I’d need a table cover and a pot of change. I also made some price tags from my writing business cards. It was all very lovely and vaguely organised. As you can see, my mini trees have now been decorated with mini baubles and I only need half a table at craft fairs:


I was disappointed yesterday, but the venue wasn’t easy to find, it was cold, and a really big fair was taking place at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall, which ran out of table places very quickly. It’s a pity, I’d have liked to get a table there; it’s right next to my bus stop home.

Have a good week,



Pictures from today

Table top


A couple of pictures from today. There was supposed to be a picture of me and Michelle, one of the ladies I shared the table with, but I don’t think her husband knows how to use cameras.

Such a pity, because we both looked fabulous.

My First Craft Fair

Is on Sunday 8th November 2015, at Immingham Resource Centre, 10am to 3pm.


It’s the first one I’ve had a stall at. My sister had a stall at one in the summer, where she sold some of my key rings as well as her jewellery, and she was going to do this one and another at Waltham Windmill at the end of the month, but she has plans for this weekend and the organiser of the later event has cancelled due to lack of interest. As such, since I’ve invested time and money in making Christmas type things, I’m taking the plunge and going on my own.

Well, not entirely on my own. I’m sharing a table with Dawn, from my sewing club, who told me about the craft fair in the first place. I don’t link ringing people so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ring the organiser and book a table. Dawn saved me and said I could share her table. I much appreciate the offer and have accepted.

Now I just need to get a few more tree decorations finished. Owls and gingerbread mean I think. Possibly a couple of elephants.