New hobby: loom knitting

Fi, my longest standing, consistently present friend has been using knitting looms for a few years. She’s made me a hat in the past and a scarf is on the loom at the minute. She also makes fantastic socks and blankets, and I’m trying to get the to start selling her stuff because it’s so good.

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Poppies and reindeer

It’s that time of year again when minds turn to Remembrance Day and Christmas, once we’ve survived Hallwawaoween and Bonfire Night. I’ve got one barky little bitch who doesn’t like fireworks and a drooly girl who is very upset by them too, so to distract us I’ve got a true crime podcast on. After tea I’ll be working on a blanket, if I can persuade Ezzie off my knee.

I’ve been crafting. For those who don’t like to wear the red poppy there is the white poppy of peace.

IMG-20171103-WA0001First the petals, crocheted according to a pattern an acquaintance gave me. This pattern came from a magazine, but they can be found online on Pinterest apparently.










Then sew the petals together.IMG-20171103-WA0003












And then finally sew on a big black button and a safety pin


It’s not difficult, except I kept forgetting the different crochet stitches.

For December, I’ve started a little project – a herd of reindeer.

Image may contain: indoor

This is the first one. For a while I referred to it as the duck-reindeer because the body looked like a bath ducky. I’ve used little gold bells for the eyes and tried to shape the ears.










In progress:

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Bees, backpacks and blankets


My sister and I went to a craft fair yesterday, as you can see we had a good big table. I finished a ‘bee’ pattern from Sew magazine; my sister says it looks more like a glow worm (who remembers those?). You can see the glow worm/bee on the table, bottom right as you look at the screen.

I also made a back pack on Saturday from a pattern in July’s Sewing World. It is going to Paris with me in two weeks as my luggage  as we’ve only got hand luggage. It’s only a three night trip so I don’t need an awful lot and it all fits in my little bag. I’m stupidly proud of myself for making it successfully. I had to do a bit of a repair on the left strap because I didn’t quite get the strap in the right place between the layers of material and interfacing. I used the material from a couple of quilt covers I’d been given by a friend. I used one, a heavier purple/pink material for the outer material, flap and internal pocket. The liner is made from another quilt cover, it’s thinner and white/cream. The straps are made from white webbing and plastic clips. The original pattern has an open pocket inside, but I added a zip for a bit of extra security.

Since I couldn’t settle to much else on Saturday evening I finished my corner-to-corner blanket. It’s rather colourful isn’t it?

c2c blanket

New project – Blankies!

To be more precise, crocheted blankets that I’m making for my cousin and his wife. I’m very pleased for them; they’re having twins in another three months or so. I’m not the only one in the family making stuff for them but I’ve gone for blankets.

I don’t do pink for girls, blue for boys; it’s a ridiculous social construct that makes no sense and is designed to make money for toy and clothes manufacturers. So my blankets will be a variety of colours.Blankets are very practical things, apart from anything else they keep you warm and babies need as many of everything as they can get, especially multiple births (I remember this from when my cousins – triplets – were born), because they get through so much and everything has to be washed so often.

So, my project for the next few months is to make blankets. I’ve also got a cross-stitch to finish but that’s for my bedroom wall.

We’re in the Telegraph!

The Grimsby Evening Telegraph, that is.
For months members of The Sewing Clubs here in North East Lincolnshire have been beavering away making clothes and other items for premature and still-born babies. I contributed four crocheted wraps for very small or still-born babies.

It was a pet project of my friend Dawn, who runs the Immingham Sewing Clubs and is active in the Cleethorpes (St Peter’s) Sewing Club. The items were donated to the local maternity unit to help parents in need of suitable baby clothing for premature babies, or something to bury their still-born baby in. These items are desperately needed by maternity units across the country.

My gran is ever so proud of my involvement, and she and one of my aunties are busy knitting away at premmie baby sized cardigans to send in their own little donation parcel. The article in the paper will go in my grans file of clippings too.