Simple tree decorations

And by “simple” I mean really simple.

You need Christmas fabric and matching felt, embroidery thread or ribbon, and sewing cotton. A sewing machine makes the job easier.

And a cup.

  • Using the cup, draw a circle, two of the fabric, and two of the felt. Cut out;
  • Using the matching embroidery thread (all six strands) or ribbon, cut an appropriate length for a hanging;
  • Sandwich the thread/ribbon between the two felt pieces, then layer the material on either side, right-sides out;
  • Using a zig-zag stitch, sew round the edge of the circle. If you haven’t got a machine, blanket stitch around the edge.

I’ve run out of stuffing!

I have a craft fair coming up in April and lots of new stock for it, but I’ve run out of stuffing. I have a pile of deflated dogs and bunnies, an child’s cushion and a mini dragon that need stuffing but no funds to buy the stuff, or for the three cushion inserts for the cushions I’ve made. I’m going for a spring theme at the moment, bunnies and flowers, since the fair will be during April.

I need to go through my old stock to see what is suitable and what can be taken apart. Some things just don’t sell, I’ve found. People won’t pay a decent price for hand made scarves etc. so I’m going to stick with stuffies and cushions from now on.

First Christmas craft fair of 2016

And it’s in the railway club my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles amd everyone else in this town went to for cheap booze. It’s called the Blossom Way Sports and Social Club these days though.

We’re here 12 til 4.

And here’s my table display.

It’s not a big table but I’ve done my best. 
I’m in a lot of pain. It’s only five minutes from my house but carrying everything and setting up has hurt my back.

Craft fair in Cleethorpes

Good morning, I know that it’s been a while since I posted on this blog but I haven’t been idle. Today we’re at a craft fair in Cleethorpes. It’s the Pink Rose event, raising as much money as possible for the Pink Rose suite.

Unfortunately some people have let the organiser down, which is terribly rude after she rearranged the lay out, moved people around and dug out extra tables. The tables could have been offered to someone else if the previous people had let her know more than a day in advance (or just not turned up as is the case today). 
There would bea photo of our table but my tablet isn’t playing at the moment, so maybe later.

Between talking to people I’m crocheting, and attempting to teach Helen to crochet. So far she’s mastered chains.

Bees, backpacks and blankets


My sister and I went to a craft fair yesterday, as you can see we had a good big table. I finished a ‘bee’ pattern from Sew magazine; my sister says it looks more like a glow worm (who remembers those?). You can see the glow worm/bee on the table, bottom right as you look at the screen.

I also made a back pack on Saturday from a pattern in July’s Sewing World. It is going to Paris with me in two weeks as my luggage  as we’ve only got hand luggage. It’s only a three night trip so I don’t need an awful lot and it all fits in my little bag. I’m stupidly proud of myself for making it successfully. I had to do a bit of a repair on the left strap because I didn’t quite get the strap in the right place between the layers of material and interfacing. I used the material from a couple of quilt covers I’d been given by a friend. I used one, a heavier purple/pink material for the outer material, flap and internal pocket. The liner is made from another quilt cover, it’s thinner and white/cream. The straps are made from white webbing and plastic clips. The original pattern has an open pocket inside, but I added a zip for a bit of extra security.

Since I couldn’t settle to much else on Saturday evening I finished my corner-to-corner blanket. It’s rather colourful isn’t it?

c2c blanket

First craft fair of 2016


I’m in Cleethorpes today with my sister. We’re at the Memorial Hall for our first craft fair of the year, and the first one we’ve  done together.

As you can see, the elephants have made a return and I have a selection of place mats available. I’ve got other things in the rucksack and some sewing with me so I can make more while I’m waiting.