Snails and turtles

I went to visit friends in ShNo automatic alt text available.effield on Saturday; it was fun. The journey back yesterday, due to engineering works, was hell. Train times online were wrong so I only just caught my train from Meadowhall.

Anxiety isn’t fun but sewing helps calm me down, eventually. It took about four hours. This tortoise is the result. Instead of using my machine, it is hand sewn.

The pattern comes from the Sew Style & Home website. It’s for a tortoise pattern weight, but I haven’t used anything to weight it. It’s a nice soft toy without them.

Pattern here


On Thursday I sat and made a snail too, using this pattern. I got the dimensions for the snail shell wrong the first time, so I had to remake that bit. I didn’t add any weight to the body either.  It was generally considered cute by by the rest of Immingham Sewing and Craft Club.

On Friday I made use of the hexxie set mother gave me a few weeks ago, and cut out some 2.5 inch paper patterns and material, the same as the material used on the tortoise. It’s been a while since I did some patchwork. I finished it on Saturday evening, while I was visiting my friends. I’ll get some pale blue material and make an envelope cushion case. I think it’ll look lovely in a child’s bedroom.

I have a potential first fair of the year coming up in April, I just need to arrange transport. It’s not very far and I could probably walk but I’d have to carry all my stuff with me. If I can get a lift I’d be able to take a few of the 200 books I need to sell too.


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