Dog bed tutorial: free, easy make

Yesterday I decided my hell hounds needed their bed revamping. They have a crate with a tray in the bottom, and until yesterday, four old pillows. It looked a bit scruffy and was hard to clean. I’d tried washing one of the pillows in the past (there was a butter stealing-vomit incident, I don’t want to talk about it), but it distorted the shape of the pillow. The dogs did like being able to make nests though.


Their new bed pad looks a lot better. Here’s how I made it:

  1. Measure the base tray, or pad if you’re just using a pad. Mine is 87 cm by 58 cm. To allow for the thickness of the pillows I rounded up to 90 cm by 60 cm. Add more if your pad is thicker.
  2. Using an old duvet cover, mark out the length and width at the open end. I made mine with the the opening along the long side.
  3. Cut out and turn inside out. One short side should be the edge of the duvet and already closed, leaving one short side and once long side cut.
  4. Sew up the cut sides to form a rectangle, with only one side open, the long side with the buttons from the original quilt cover. Trim excess fabric
  5. Turn right sides out. Insert pad or pillows and button up. This one has three rectangular pillows in it, each 30 cm by 60 cm. That made it really easy to fit in to the cover and the crate.

If you have an old duvet/quilt cover and pillows stashed in the airing/linen cupboard you can make this custom sized dog bed for nothing but 20 minutes of your time and a bit of thread. When it needs washing, just unbutton  the cover, take out the pad and throw the cover in the washing machine. You can make several for a seasonal change or a bit of variety.

I also had a go at making hair bows yesterday, using this tutorial from megoosta. I found it scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday. They were easy to make, I just need to get some bobbles and clips to finish them off. I used some squares I got from the scrap bin (fill a bag for £1.50) from What Shall I Wear?, mentioned in this post as my Featured Crafter.


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