Holiday document organiser and pen case, from a cushion?

Don’t look at me like that, it works, I promise. There’s pictures and everything.

I’m in pain so I can’t go to a meeting I’d planned to go to this evening. Instead I thought I’d show you how to make a little document organiser and pen case from a cushion cover. I picked up a cushion, complete with pad, for £1 in a charity shop on the way home from Sewing Club and shopping. The pad has been put to use elsewhere, leaving me with a square purple cushion cover. It has a zip. The zip was the important bit, because that’s where the passports, and boarding passes will be stored.

  1. Turn your cushion inside out, establish the end stitching on the zip and remove a strip from either side so that the cushion is now longer than it is broad. You will use the strips later so put them to one side.IMG_20160713_164201

2. While it’s still inside out sew the cut sides and then turn right sides out.IMG_20160713_170753

3. This cushion has a pattern on one side and is plain on the back. Choose your outside and inside. In this case the pattern will be on the outside when complete, so for the rest of this the patterned side will be considered the right side. Turn right sides together. Sew the short sides and then turn right sides out.

4. At this point you should have a case with a zipped compartment and an open compartment. The next part of the process is to make it more secure. The zipped compartment is for essentials – passports, boarding passes, money; the second compartment can be for a notebook and pen, etc.

Simply put, Your going to use one of those strips you cut off the make two straps. Here’s how:

  1. Turn the strip of material inside out and sew the open edge from one end to half way along, leave a gap of two inches and then continue to the end. Turn right sides out and sew round the edge, all the way around, closing the gap and strengthening the seams. Cut it in half width ways, so you have two smaller straps. Sew the ends up. It doesn’t matter that the cut edge is raw, it’s going to be on the back of the case and there will be more stitching over it.
  2. Position on the back of the case and sew on. Turn the case over and decide where the buttons will go. Make buttonholes in the straps. Sew on the buttons.


And there you have it, your finished document case.



It’s a bit wonky, but what else would you expect from me, I’m sure if you give it a go you’ll make a better job of it.


Next on the the matching pen case, to go in your document case. It’s always useful to have a spare pen on your person I’ve found.

  1. First, take that other strip of material you cut off. Turn it inside out and make a tube. Turn it right side out and sew round to close the gap etc., just as you did on the first stage of making the straps. Essentially this is the same way you’d make straps for a tote bag (or the way I do anyway).
  2. Take your pen and lay it at one end. Turn the rest of the strip up and determine how how long you need the case to be. Cut off the excess.
  3. Turn the cut end twice and sew down to make a smooth end.
  4. Fold over at the middle then make one side an inch longer than the other. pin and sew in place.


And there your have your completed set.



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