Woodland creatures and a bottle cosy

As I write this Gyfa is licking my hands; it’s very difficult to type when she does that. I’ve had a creative evening after spending sewing club crocheting and chatting. 

I’ve finished a project I started about six weeks ago, the woodland creatures from I can’t remember which book.

I’d got the pattern pieces cut out and them sewn together on the machine so all I had to do today was stuff the body, arms and head of the mouse and rabbit before putting them together. I finished the rabbit with a pompom tail and used the same wool for the mouse’s tail. The head on the rabbit isn’t quite square on so it permanently looks like it’s just heard a noise on the left, but I’m quite pleased nonetheless.

After I finished my animal collection, now gracing my kitchen window ledge, I fancied making something else. I collected an order I made for a water bottle from the Resource Centre this afternoon – they have The Book People come in a couple of times a month so three weeks ago I ordered the bottle, it’s not bad for £3 – and decided it needed a cosy.

I made it in a similar fashion to the bag purse I wrote about earlier, but this time used wadding between the outer material and lining material, quilted it and instead of turning the top down an inch to make the channel for the drawstring I sewed a piece of material around the top. The drawstring is a length of matching cord.

The material came from a cushion one of the sewing club members brought in today for us; she donated them to the members for sale or re-purposing. I used the stuffing for mousy and bunny and the material for this.

It’s been a very productive day so far. I got two rows of my corner-to-corner crochet blanket done at sewing club and I’m considering doing some more this evening.

Tomorrow I’m going to the library to print off two pattern books I bought in the www.makerist.com  sale over the weekend, as the same person who gave me the cushion has also given me some material that will be fantastic.

These are the patterns I bought:

Yoki the fat dragon

Denim dogs

Aren’t they cute? They were half price, I had to get them, and I will probably spend tomorrow or Friday attempting to make one of them.


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