What I’ve been up to

Not much, to be honest. I made another bag-in-a-bag that I gave to a friend and I made a purse from a crafster.org tutorial that can be found here. I modified it slightly as I don’t have any cans to use as a template. I just used the measurements in the tutorial – a base of a 4 inch diameter circle and the side a rectangle of 8 inches x 13 inches.

I’m quite pleased ¬†with the results.

I wore it on Sunday to a Summer Solstice event as a belt purse to keep my notebook and pen in. I particularly like the ribbon I used. I bought it to use in another project but I’ve decided not too make that project.

I’m working on a corner-to-corner blanket in blue, yellow and pink stripes. I’m on the decrease at the minute and, five rows in, I’ve finally worked out how to decrease properly. It’s going to be my pan-pride blanket. Plus I love the colours. I can’t find a link to the pattern now, unfortunately or I’d share it.

Best be off, I’ve got to get ready for sewing club this afternoon, happy crafting.




Edit: I have found the corner-to-corner blanket pattern:




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