New make: Bag-in-a-bag


On Wednesday one of the ladies at Sewing Club brought in some magazines and in one of them was a pattern for a bag-in-a-bag, with a functioning pocket. It’s a fairly simple project.

  1. Make a basic shopping bag
  2. For the pocket, cut two pieces of fabric 8 inch x 6 inch.
  3. Right sides together sew all round except for a small gap in one of the long sides. Pull through the gap and sew the hole up.
  4. Centre on the bag and sew round three sides.
  5. For the flap, cut two pieces of fabric 3 inch x 8 inch. Sew together, right sides together, as with the pocket body.
  6. Sew a piece of elastic or a bobble on at the bottom edge.
  7. Sew in place over the pocket
  8. Next take two buttons, one for each side of the pocket. Sew them on to the pocket.


I actually put corners on this bag so that it has a bottom, first time ever. I think the bag has a wonky bottom. The material is a pillow case, I think, and quite heavy cotton. The handles were the most irritating part, but I think I’ve worked out how to make them now; the sewing machine certainly makes it a lot easier.


The reason I decided to give this a go is that at the last craft fair I did I was asked if we had any bags like these by a couple of people, so I think there might be a market for them.Plus they are quite useful.


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