New project – Blankies!

To be more precise, crocheted blankets that I’m making for my cousin and his wife. I’m very pleased for them; they’re having twins in another three months or so. I’m not the only one in the family making stuff for them but I’ve gone for blankets.

I don’t do pink for girls, blue for boys; it’s a ridiculous social construct that makes no sense and is designed to make money for toy and clothes manufacturers. So my blankets will be a variety of colours.Blankets are very practical things, apart from anything else they keep you warm and babies need as many of everything as they can get, especially multiple births (I remember this from when my cousins – triplets – were born), because they get through so much and everything has to be washed so often.

So, my project for the next few months is to make blankets. I’ve also got a cross-stitch to finish but that’s for my bedroom wall.


One thought on “New project – Blankies!

  1. Good luck with your blanket making! I’m working on several right now. Two CAL’s and a seafoam stitch blanket. As long as I’m knitting/crocheting, I’m happy!


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