Tablet and phone case

I spent a couple of hours at Sewing Club yesterday; there was only two of us I had free use of the sewing machine so I decided to make a case for my new phone and tablet using some of my material and wadding.

I look miserable in those photos, don’t I?

I used hook and eye strips to hold the flap in place. It’s supposed to be self-adhesive but it doesn’t stick very well so I glued in on instead. The cases are fairly simple to make, using the dimensions of the individual device by marking on the inside material around the device, adding a half inch addition all round (I didn’t on the phone case and had to insert a half inch section in to one side).

You need:

Wadding, two rectangles large enough to cover the device and a smaller piece for the tab;

Material, four rectangles, either all the same material or two different materials for contrast, and a smaller piece also a rectangle to make the tab.

Hook and loop fastening strip (Velcro, in other words)

Start with either the front or the back, place the outer material and the lining material right sides together. Sew round three edges. Turn right sides out. Insert the wadding in to the pocket made and fold the raw edge inwards. Sew up. Repeat with the second set of material and wadding. These two pieces form the body of your device cover.

To make the tab, fold you small rectangle in half, right sides together, and sew two sides, leaving one open. Turn right sides out and insert wadding. Fold raw edges in and sew up.

Sew the tab to one of your body pieces; you can sew it on the inside or outside of the back piece depending on your own taste.

Then, place the back and front pieces together, front sides inside and sew round. Turn outside in.

Check for size and position the hook and loop fastener appropriately. Glue in to place. Leave to dry and you’re ready to go.





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