Handbag made at sewing club.

Hello fellow stitchers,

I’ve learnt something new today and made a lined handbag.
Sewing Club is down to just three people but it’s fun, chatting and sewing. One member, Dawn, goes to several sewing groups and today brought us the pattern for a clutch bag, although I think it’s more of a handbag. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what the difference is.

I made the bag from material available at the club and some wadding donated by our third member Sue. The pattern has three pieces – a body, a top piece and the strap. Two of each are cut from the outer material, two of each from the liner and two each from the wadding. Each side is put together and then the two sides are sewn right sides together and the whole bag turned outside in.


A close-up.


I made the pieces at sewing club, a sewing machine makes making handles so much easier. I stopped once I had the six pieces made up. I’ve spent the last three hours piecing it all together, getting the dart in the right place and, because I wanted to, adding a small inside pocket. It could be neater, but this is me we’re taking about so that’s not going to happen 😀


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