Trying a bit of quilting

A magazine I sometimes buy, Sewing World, has a beginners quilting section. A friend has started to get a new weekly quilting magazine in the same vein as the crochet and knitting magazines that are so popular. We were talking about sewing the other night and I got a sewing itch. For the first time this year I picked up, needle, thread and material and started working.


I dug out a couple of magazines and materials. The multicoloured one is my first go, from the December issue, and is called a flying goose pattern, it’s supposed to be a pinwheel pattern but it doesn’t work so well with so many different patterns in the material.

The pink and yellow is the second one I made, it’s also supposed to be the first square made, from the October issue. It’s a picture frame block made of squares and rectangles. I tried to find some material that I can use as a centre as a picture in the frame, but the only materials I have that match don’t have large patterns except one. It isn’t well defined but it is still works I think. It is less complex, but then neither of them were particularly stretching if you have some sewing experience.

I quite enjoyed making them both. Pressing was fun, my iron quite enjoyed getting used for the first time in months. I might have to get the most recent issue of Sewing World and try another block.

I’m not sure what sure to do with them now, I will probably keep them, make a few more and eventually sew them together into a quilt.


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