Second Craft Fair: It was a dud

Morning all,

I went to another craft fair yesterday, this time in Cleethorpes. It was held at a dance studio on Grant Street and it was a waste of time. So few people turned up, either to sell or buy that the only person making money was the lady selling cupcakes. It was freezing cold, the radiators barely took the edge off and every time someone opened a door the temperature dropped a few degrees. I was using my coat as a blanket. I did manage to get some sewing done though, I’m working on another couple of Christmas banners, which I’ll add to the Listings page as soon as I’ve finished sewing the bias binding. It takes a while when you have to sew the dangling parts on to a meter of bias binding by hand. It’s fiddly. I have a new tree decoration to add to the listings page too.

I sold nothing, which disappointed me, since I was really organised this time. I learnt at my first craft fair that I’d need a table cover and a pot of change. I also made some price tags from my writing business cards. It was all very lovely and vaguely organised. As you can see, my mini trees have now been decorated with mini baubles and I only need half a table at craft fairs:


I was disappointed yesterday, but the venue wasn’t easy to find, it was cold, and a really big fair was taking place at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall, which ran out of table places very quickly. It’s a pity, I’d have liked to get a table there; it’s right next to my bus stop home.

Have a good week,




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