Ideas that come in the night

I’ve been trying to think of new ways to sell my creations. Other than craft fairs I don’t have an outlet. Last night I could not sleep; my brain chatter wouldn’t shut off. I blame it on the painkillers I bought yesterday; my back was agonisingly painful and I had to go to the bank. Codeine has a funny effect on me. Anyway, brain chatter and insomnia are not fun, but I did come up with a few ideas.

My felt Christmas Trees need baubles and a star on top, and I think I can adapt my piggy pincushion pattern in to a Yule Boar, complete with apple in the mouth, for Frey devotees or Northern Tradition polytheists.

I’ve also decided to make a listings page, with photographs and the price of the creations. If you want to buy something, email me (contacts page). I don’t want to set up an Etsy page, because I don’t have a huge amount of stock, and I don’t feel comfortable using the Etsy set up.

I’ve ordered some business cards that I’m going to use as price tags at craft fairs; they’re very pretty and have birds on them.



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