My First Craft Fair

Is on Sunday 8th November 2015, at Immingham Resource Centre, 10am to 3pm.


It’s the first one I’ve had a stall at. My sister had a stall at one in the summer, where she sold some of my key rings as well as her jewellery, and she was going to do this one and another at Waltham Windmill at the end of the month, but she has plans for this weekend and the organiser of the later event has cancelled due to lack of interest. As such, since I’ve invested time and money in making Christmas type things, I’m taking the plunge and going on my own.

Well, not entirely on my own. I’m sharing a table with Dawn, from my sewing club, who told me about the craft fair in the first place. I don’t link ringing people so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ring the organiser and book a table. Dawn saved me and said I could share her table. I much appreciate the offer and have accepted.

Now I just need to get a few more tree decorations finished. Owls and gingerbread mean I think. Possibly a couple of elephants.


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