And the Christmas crafts continue

Evening, lovely readers and crafters, I’ve been at sewing club again today, and it was exhausting. Everyone chatters at high speed, even though it’s a small group.

We’ve been doing a few ‘Christmas’ things, like the tree the other week. I now have the pattern for that and a request from my sister to make a few for a Christmas craft fair she’s going to sell her jewellery at in November. I need more stuffing and some Christmas fabric. I also have a pattern for a gingerbread man. I’ve made two today, small and large, and I’m really not sure about them, even by my standards they’re wonky. I think I need to practice the pattern.

Other than that, I was given the sewing pattern and instructions for a teddy bear. I think I’ll give it a go, eventually. I’ve got animals to make for this Christmas fair in November first.

Also, I’ve been thinking, is there a market for finishing other people’s cross-stitching and embroidery for them? For a price, of course. It could be a way for me to earn extra cash, but I’m not sure if such a market even exists.

Right, now I’ve rambled on a bit, it’s time to sleep. Good night.


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