Back to Sewing Club

Afternoon all,


So, last Wednesday I returned to Sewing Club to find that they’d moved on to Christmas. It’s not even October yet, but in crafting it pays to be organised, I suppose.

I made a little bell and cut out a tree.

The bell is made from two circles of material sewn together the folded in half and sew in place. I’m not explaining it very well. Then a ribbon and one of those little ‘cat bells’ is added. I haven’t quite finished it yet, because I’ve not been well. I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping and reading, so I feel slightly better than I did last week. People, they are exhausting.

The tree is simple. Cut out six Christmas Trees from fabric. Take two, sew up, right sides together, leaving the bottom unsewn. Repeat until you have three trees. Turn right sides out and stack the three on top of each other. Sew from tree top to stump.

This should give you a 3D tree, with six individual sections to be stuffed. Stuff each section and sew up the bottom edge as you go along. When it’s complete the tree should stand up.


Edit 20/09/2015

The completed bell.

I used the bell and ribbon from a Lindt Bunny, or possibly a reindeer. I have a few of the ribbons and bells, since I keep them after eating the chocolate.


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