Embroidery carrier

I was working on my novel earlier this evening but got too twitchy to write. I’m very anxious at the moment. I came downstairs and started sewing. On Tuesday I bought some calico and a patterned fat quarter. Since I’m going away for the weekend and I’m working on an embroidery I decided to make a carrier.

It’s fairly simple.

Layer together the patterned fat quarter, thin wadding and then the calico. Pin together and start blanket stitching around the edge.
Start halfway along a long side, then the short end then back down the opposite side.


Fold the unstitched section up and repin in place so that you have a sandwich of pattern, wadding, calico, calico, wadding, pattern. Blanket stitch these short sides then the final side.



Next pin on place your divisions. I’ve used running stitch to divide the turned over section. The first division holds my hoop and W.I.P. The second is a pin cushion, the next holds scissors and the final pouch holds threads.


Next, place buttons and button holes, to hold the flap down.


And finally roll up the smaller pouches, sew two ribbons in place and tie up.


It’s entirely secure, will fit in a small bag and keeps your necessary items together for your current W.I.P. I hand stitched it, since I don’t have a sewing machine and it took three hours. With a machine it could be made quickly. It’s only the fastenings that need hand stitching.

Good night, and if you’re in England and Wales, have a great bank holiday weekend. I hear the weather won’t be too horrendous.




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