Autumn wreath

I spent this afternoon working on a wreath for my kitchen window. It’s fairly simple to make, and uses up some fabric scraps.


You need a metal ring, 5 – 6 inches in diameter and a lot of fabric strips in appropriate seasonal colours. I’ve gone for greens, browns and reds.

Tie the strips around the ring, until you can’t fit another scrap of thread on. Trim so the strips form a fairly tidy ring

Tie a looped cord to the metal hoop and the basic wreath is finished.


For added decoration, you could make a felt apple to hang in the wreath if you have a larger hoop or below it.

To make the apple, cut eight leaf shaped pieces of green or red felt and sew right sides together, leaving a small gap to turn the apple the right side out.

Stuff the apple and sew up the gap.

Roll a piece of brown material into a stalk and secure in shape with a few stitches. Sew in to place on the apple.

Cut out a leaf shape and sew in to place.


Finally, sew a cord to the top of the apple and tie to the metal hoop.



I have to say I’m particularly proud of the apple, I’ve never made one before.


I think they’d make really good pin cushions too.

Inspiration for this project came from a tutorial blog post I read yesterday, but irritatingly enough, can’t find now, that, should I find it again, I’ll link to.





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