My hands hurt

I’ve got my crafting mojo back at last. On Thursday I worked on one of the elephants I started on Wednesday, yesterday and today I’ve been crocheting granny squares and this evening I’ve been sewing hexagons together.

I picked up stitching on Thursday because I had a bit of an anxiety problem pre-work. My anxiety always rockets in the hours before I leave for my part time job on a Thursday evening (I’m getting anxious just thinking about going to work as I write this). In order to give myself something to focus on I picked up one of my elephants and started sewing on an ear. It helped.

Yesterday, I got a gift from my sister and treat myself to three fairly cheap balls of wool. They’re really thick, and self-patterning. So far I’ve crocheted two granny squares and added them to the large blanket I’ve been working on for years. The one I crocheted yesterday is red, black and silver, quite stiff when made up, but soft and shiny. I love the colour changes.

The square I crocheted today in turquoise, with purple, blue and yellow fibers twisted in. That made up well too, the different added fibers made a pattern of their own and help lighten or darken the overall colour. I still have a 100g ball left, so I might see how it looks with a bigger hook (I used a 4.00mm and it took a lot of effort).

This evening I finally had the means to start work on my birthday present from my oldest friend. I needed enough thin card to cut out seven hexagons; today I had that card (box of chocs!). My friend got me a Cath Kidson cushion cover kit. You have to make up the hexagons and then sew the finished pattern on to the cushion cover. I have to say, the material, thread and needle are all good quality, and I like the pale blue colour of the cushion. Even the flowery patches for the hexagons are beginning to grow on me; I keep noticing things that tie them back in with the overall scheme.

So far I’ve got the centerpiece made up. I’m adding blanket stitch all round the outside edge, because I feel like it, and tomorrow, once I’ve finished the blanket stitch I’ll unpin the material, take the card hexagons out and press it before I sew it on to the cushion cover. Luckily, I have an embroidery hope large enough to support the fabric while I sew it in place. A few pins to keep the patterned fabric in place and it should be fairly straight forward.

I hope.

But that’s fir tomorrow. Right now my hands are really hurting. I’ve had a text message from my closest friend reminding me to stretch and massage them now I’ve finished sewing for the day.

Which I have now done. It’s not just your hands and wrists you should stretch and unkink after sewing. A good stretch of the arms, neck and shoulders is also a good idea. I know when I’ve been sat in one attitude too long (to misquote Jane Austen) because when I started moving about everything cracks and creaks.

What are you making this weekend? And how do you deal with the fatigue in your hands?

Afternoon all,

I finished that cushion.


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