Another Wednesday

Evening all. We’ve had some terrible weather here today but when I left the house this morning it looked lovely so I didn’t take a coat.
Big mistake. I got out of the doctor’s surgery – I had an assessment this morning to see whether counselling would help with my depression – with just enough time to get to my mum’s house before the heavens opened. It didn’t let up until so I stayed and went to sewing club from there.

I haven’t really been able to settle to work on anything I’m the last week but as ever going to the club helped. We were all working on different little projects and talking. Social interaction; sometimes I manage it.

During the week I finished my cathedral window squares from last week’s meeting and made them into pin cushions. I think I’d like to have a go at other quilting techniques. I leant Dawn some elephant patterns last week because she wanted to copy them (they’re copyright free), for the group if anyone wanted them. It was my first contribution to the pattern swapping. I got my originals back this afternoon and started making another elephant, just a little one. I shall finish it at some point this week, probably on the weekend since I’m not working this Saturday and I have nothing else planned.

Next week I should have some funds so I’m planning to get some self-patterning wool to make granny squares with. My mum has some lovely wool but she won’t share! She’s knitting little squares at the minute, but hasn’t decided what she’s going to do with them.

My sister made me jealous on Saturday; she treat herself to a Janome sewing machine and some nice material. I need a sewing machine. Both my sisters have one and they don’t do as much sewing as I do. I quite like sewing by hand though; it’s quieter for a start. Also, I’m just about paying the bills so I don’t have the spare cash. Ah well, maybe at some future point I will be able to get a machine.

I’ve been working on a devotional embroidery design recently; it’s only in the planning stage. I’ve drawn the individual elements and now I have to scale them down and integrate them.

Talking of embroidery, a friend asked if I knew where to get cheap aida because she wanted to cross-stitch a couple of sayings from the T.V. programme ‘Vikings’. Since I buy aida and most other material by the meter I cut her a couple of 10 x 12 rectangles and posted them.

Sharing ideas, patterns, skills and materials seems like a large part of crafting to me. I’ve certainly never met crafters who are miserly with these things. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky?

This week:
* get all my half-finished sewing projects completed;
* make my niece the purple jellyfish keyring she asked for;
* finish embroidery design;
* get wool, crochet.

What projects do you have on at the moment?

Good night, happy crafting


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