Pushing through

I’m in a bit of a low at the minute so I haven’t been interested in anything much. I haven’t done any sewing or looked in to outlets for my creations.

Until yesterday. On my way to my sister’s house for an impromptu family barbecue I visited a local cafe that acts as a shop for local craftspeople. Unfortunately they were out of shelf space for this month but they took my details and if a space comes up they’ll contact me.

My sister makes jewellery so she’s looking for somewhere to sell her things as well. She is sharing a table with a friend at an event in August and is going to take some of my keyrings and pin cushions with her.

In other news, I went to Sewing Club this afternoon and felt a little better for it. Sewing, listening, chatting, is very therapeutic for me, even if the feeling wears off after a couple of hours. I don’t go out much because I have anxiety problems. It’s easy to pretend I’m fine when underneath I want to cry. At Sewing Club people are very understanding, they listen and don’t judge. It helps. I find it difficult to be comfortable around people but Dawn, who opens up every Wednesday and organises things (especially the tea, coffee and biscuits) is okay, and the others are almost as relaxing.

I learnt something new today, cathedral window quilting. I’ve always wanted to try quilting but never had the opportunity. I’m still working on my first one and I’m going to finish the one Jane – who organises the Sewing Clubs in N.E.Lincs (it was her idea, years ago) – started. I might make them both in to pin cushions.

One of the things I enjoy about Sewing Club is pattern swapping. I’ve accumulated quite a few patterns now, and today I took my first contribution – some copyright-free patterns for elephants of various sizes.


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