Wednesday: Sewing Club

On a Wednesday afternoon I go to a sewing club at the local resource center.

We were going to try cathedral window quilting, but Dawn forgot how to do them. I’ve come home with another three patterns, for bunting, a giraffe and a dachshund. I normally finish the project I’ve started in the club when I come home. I’m tired today though as I started a new part time job (3 – 9 hours a week – just enough to start me back on the road to employment) straight after going to sewing club.

Tomorrow I hope to get the dachshund made up and I might have a go at the giraffe. I know someone who might buy one off me. I also need to get copies of the elephant patterns for people at the sewing club. A trip to the library is in order.

My life would be easier if I had an internet connection and a printer. But then I’d probably use it as an excuse not to leave the house at all. And my last therapist said that would be a bad thing.

Happy crafting





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