New hobby: loom knitting

Fi, my longest standing, consistently present friend has been using knitting looms for a few years. She’s made me a hat in the past and a scarf is on the loom at the minute. She also makes fantastic socks and blankets, and I’m trying to get the to start selling her stuff because it’s so good.

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Simple tree decorations

And by “simple” I mean really simple.

You need Christmas fabric and matching felt, embroidery thread or ribbon, and sewing cotton. A sewing machine makes the job easier.

And a cup.

  • Using the cup, draw a circle, two of the fabric, and two of the felt. Cut out;
  • Using the matching embroidery thread (all six strands) or ribbon, cut an appropriate length for a hanging;
  • Sandwich the thread/ribbon between the two felt pieces, then layer the material on either side, right-sides out;
  • Using a zig-zag stitch, sew round the edge of the circle. If you haven’t got a machine, blanket stitch around the edge.

Poppies and reindeer

It’s that time of year again when minds turn to Remembrance Day and Christmas, once we’ve survived Hallwawaoween and Bonfire Night. I’ve got one barky little bitch who doesn’t like fireworks and a drooly girl who is very upset by them too, so to distract us I’ve got a true crime podcast on. After tea I’ll be working on a blanket, if I can persuade Ezzie off my knee.

I’ve been crafting. For those who don’t like to wear the red poppy there is the white poppy of peace.

IMG-20171103-WA0001First the petals, crocheted according to a pattern an acquaintance gave me. This pattern came from a magazine, but they can be found online on Pinterest apparently.










Then sew the petals together.IMG-20171103-WA0003












And then finally sew on a big black button and a safety pin


It’s not difficult, except I kept forgetting the different crochet stitches.

For December, I’ve started a little project – a herd of reindeer.

Image may contain: indoor

This is the first one. For a while I referred to it as the duck-reindeer because the body looked like a bath ducky. I’ve used little gold bells for the eyes and tried to shape the ears.










In progress:

Image may contain: indoor

I’ve run out of stuffing!

I have a craft fair coming up in April and lots of new stock for it, but I’ve run out of stuffing. I have a pile of deflated dogs and bunnies, an child’s cushion and a mini dragon that need stuffing but no funds to buy the stuff, or for the three cushion inserts for the cushions I’ve made. I’m going for a spring theme at the moment, bunnies and flowers, since the fair will be during April.

I need to go through my old stock to see what is suitable and what can be taken apart. Some things just don’t sell, I’ve found. People won’t pay a decent price for hand made scarves etc. so I’m going to stick with stuffies and cushions from now on.

Snails and turtles

I went to visit friends in ShNo automatic alt text available.effield on Saturday; it was fun. The journey back yesterday, due to engineering works, was hell. Train times online were wrong so I only just caught my train from Meadowhall.

Anxiety isn’t fun but sewing helps calm me down, eventually. It took about four hours. This tortoise is the result. Instead of using my machine, it is hand sewn.

The pattern comes from the Sew Style & Home website. It’s for a tortoise pattern weight, but I haven’t used anything to weight it. It’s a nice soft toy without them.

Pattern here


On Thursday I sat and made a snail too, using this pattern. I got the dimensions for the snail shell wrong the first time, so I had to remake that bit. I didn’t add any weight to the body either.  It was generally considered cute by by the rest of Immingham Sewing and Craft Club.

On Friday I made use of the hexxie set mother gave me a few weeks ago, and cut out some 2.5 inch paper patterns and material, the same as the material used on the tortoise. It’s been a while since I did some patchwork. I finished it on Saturday evening, while I was visiting my friends. I’ll get some pale blue material and make an envelope cushion case. I think it’ll look lovely in a child’s bedroom.

I have a potential first fair of the year coming up in April, I just need to arrange transport. It’s not very far and I could probably walk but I’d have to carry all my stuff with me. If I can get a lift I’d be able to take a few of the 200 books I need to sell too.

First Christmas craft fair of 2016

And it’s in the railway club my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles amd everyone else in this town went to for cheap booze. It’s called the Blossom Way Sports and Social Club these days though.

We’re here 12 til 4.

And here’s my table display.

It’s not a big table but I’ve done my best. 
I’m in a lot of pain. It’s only five minutes from my house but carrying everything and setting up has hurt my back.